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Online video sites like Youtube, vimeo, and ustream have features that make them unique. Web TV has come to stay,but there are a lot of other features that online video lover and users would love to see in any of the video services listed above. I believe that a lot of other startups will spring up that will provide something different from what we are used to online.

In the coming years some companies or startups will or may provide the following services as a technology for other startups or even build a product them. If you know of a startup that provides these features or services, do not hesitate to share it.

  • Zoom effect in a Playing video .The ability to pause a video and zoom it to have a vivid picture of a background image or personality.This could be a feature that can be added to any of the video services already being provided. Google’s Real time images of maps of streets and various regions and even the new biking routes is the beginning of new technologies we are yet to experience. There is just so ,much that can be explored in a playing video, be it a recorded video or real time video being streamed. The details of a streaming video is what I am looking for.
  • Activating a 3D effect in a streaming Video. Avatar (the movie) brought a new dimension to the theatres. A 3D version of the movie made it even better on screen. A lot of people preferred that, and I must confess it was good to watch. What I want to see and I hope somebody is either doing it or will be done soon is a feature in a streaming video that makes it possible to view it in 3D without a special tool. The movie or clip should not necessarily be shot in 3D. People would love to see how their videos will turn out in 3D and you will get lots of traffic and exposure. Watch out for Youtube, Google could provide such a feature for video lovers.
  • Branding Videos Companies are finding different ways to make their presence felt online.Some companies make their own videos and distribute them on various video sites to promote themselves. My question is : Is it possible to provide a service that makes possible for companies to find all videos uploaded by others that features the company in the video. Companies can the compete to place ads in popular videos and provide incentives or commissions for those who uploaded them. Users can then earn some money with every view or click. If the video its a hit, the owner can charge monthly fees.
  • Automatic Language Translator for Videos on Demand . Most videos or movies recording in different languages makes it difficult for users to watch them without subtitles. As video streaming gets popular . I would love to see features like automatic language translators for videos without necessarily uploading a different language versions for it. Subtitles help, but sometimes its a distraction especially if you want to concentrate on the content of the material. Real time videos being streamed form different parts of the world in say a technology or startup conference will be easier to follow.

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