GeekNRolla ,which took place on 20th April 2010 in London, is an event put on by TechCrunch Europe which brought together entrepreneurs all across Europe with start-up technology companies.
Cortexica emerged the winner of the startup pitches. Cortexica is a mobile visual search company. Cortexica Vision Systems are the creators of a bio-inspired vision system enabling intelligent image recognition using principles derived from the human visual cortex. They provide a platform for radically new Visual Search products that deliver exciting new experiences and value for consumers and businesses.
The company has two products:

1) BrandTrak™ is redefining the baseline for the brand tracking and measurement industry. It provides an automated, continous, objective and empirical measurement of brands impact across broadcast, online and press media.

Media analysts, market researchers and brand managers are delivered unequivocal measurement of their brand’s exposure quicker and with far less subjective human interpretation.

2) WineFinder™ developed in partnership with retail wine merchants, is an iPhone application that makes the discovery of wine fun and non-intimidating.

Other startups that made it to the top

All the pitches, speakers and video from GeeknRolla 2010

Product Screenshots

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