After six months into 2010, we have seen location based service predictions unfold in the latter part of the first six months. The second half of the year is yet to experience predictions that ranged from cloud computing, virtualization, Web TV to Web OS. The rest of the year will see the fulfillment of other predictions which I believe include the following startup trends.

Location based Discount Shopping services.
Consumer spending have never been the same since the economic downturn. A lot of consumers resorted to financial advice and ways to cut down on spending. A lesson leant and practiced over a long period is not easily discarded. Consumers will be looking for services that makes it easier to shop at a more cheaper price. You can provide discounted goods and services on a more localized level. Allow users to select specific places of interest to search for discounted good or services.

Business +Social Apps
Business applications will be fused with social apps at a faster pace than we are seeing. A lot more businesses will embrace social apps for business purposes instead of banning them at offices. Businesses like jive, socialtext will be embraced more going forward.

Mobile, Mobile and Mobile
Mobile apps have grown in numbers at the appstore and android store and will continue to grow. We have seen a lot of focus on location based services in the past six months. A lot more location based apps will continue to flood all the app stores. But you need to provide a service worthy of buzz to gain the kind of attention apps like foursquare are getting.

Advanced Social Analytics
Social analytics will be taken to another level. Social privacy will still be a heated debate among consumers and technologists. With the unveiling of facebook future plans and the possible introduction of a Google social network. A lot more resources will be directed at interpreting the social actions of consumers to better serve them with products. The analytics will be geared towards predicting human web behavior to empower businesses. Consumers will fight back to prevent businesses from using their social data, but ultimately the web giants will win.

Social Media Revolution
Enterprises will focus both on use of social software and social media in the enterprise and participation in a lot of social activities to increase brand awareness. Social media jobs will continue to grow. Companies will pay a lot more attention on these tools, hence the need to hire professionals who will handle business social activities. Social media tools will continue to grow and businesses will choose with care the once to trust and subscribe to.

Social Data Security
A variety of monitoring and analysis tools will emerge to help enterprises better detect and investigate suspicious activity – often with real-time alerting or transaction intervention. This will mostly be focused on social technologies that are being adopted by business. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of these tools, enterprises can better understand how to use them to defend the enterprise and protect company data. Web giants like facebook and yahoo are considering adding their products to the numbers and a lot of location based services will suffer.


  1. I think social networking will change the face of consumer and business browsing. Google is yet to join the train with their new social network yet to be launched.

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