Qualcomm unveiled Qualcomm Services Labs, Inc. (QSL), a wholly owned subsidiary created to develop and introduce new services and applications that tap into the advantages of mobile technology. Qualcomm manufactures chipsets, licensed technology and provide communication services around the world.

The company disclosed that it will focus on mobile innovation in these categories;

• Communication (keeping you connected in new ways)
• Information/Entertainment (delivering meaningful, captivating content)
• Discovery (personalized and context-aware recommendations)
• Life automation (using digital information to simplify your life and relieve daily hassles)
• Digital to physical (access to relevant digital information to enhance your mobile interactions)

The following four (4) services were presented .

Neer: It’s a social location service, targeted at woman aged 25 to 50, who want to coordinate their lives with their husbands, best friends and kids.

Qilroy: The service helps you find information on a location, like a city or baseball game, political rally or other event, by searching social networks, like Twitter, Gowala and Foursquare. It’s on the iPhone.

Vive: This application is on Facebook and drives recommendations around Brew applications on Verizon’s Get It Now storefront. Users get points and rewards.

Tapioca mobile: Qualcomm acquired Tapioca Mobile earlier this year. It automatically formats video so it can be delivered and viewed on any device.


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