Github was boostrapped and its been successful. According to Chris Wanstrath,

GitHub was a weekend project. Tom Preston-Werner and I were hanging out at a sports bar after a local programming meetup when he told me his idea for a git hosting site. It’d be a place to easily share code and learn about git, a git hub. It started more out of necessity than anything else: we both loved git but there was no acceptable way to share code with others. Tom thought I’d be interested in helping fix the problem, and I was. We began meeting on Saturdays to build the site piece by piece. We’d grab brunch, talk about ideas we had for the site, then get to work.

Read all about it HERE

GITHUB offer public and private source code hosting to companies and open source projects using either git or Subversion for programmers. The site provides social networking functionality like feeds, followers and the network graph to display how developers work on their versions of a repository.

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