I received lots of comments when I posted Startup Worth Exploring In 2010 . Entrepreneurs are always looking for that new twist to their businesses or a new idea they can invest in or develop themselves. I keep a startup idea journal just in case. The opportunities are numerous as new technologies emerge. The ideas I write are shared with friends from time to time. Instead of sharing them with friends, I want to share them with you. Let me know what your impressions are of these ideas, which one is your favourite and if you don’t have a favourite. These are problems and trends I find interesting but not necessarily my favourite startup categories . You can also share your idea with readers.

  • Social-networking sites may be sprouting like weeds, but none yet operates as a marketplace, with members buying and selling their own creations like blogs, posts, e-books, photographs, Designs.domains,e-courses, videos. ++
  • Develop an app that taps into the growing number of travel-industry databases – of hotel chains, travel sites , restaurants, limo services, amusement parks – to assemble smarter, more personalized individual itineraries. +
  • The core of the future web could be about technologies that help users cut down on information overload. That is, taking large amounts of data and providing the user with information relevant to them and people that matter to them most. Presentation should be better than RSS. ++
  • An app that allow you to upload videos of creative ads you have created, you get paid it gets bought by the company. Advertise with your company name, it gets categorized. User review of popular ads. Marketing opportunity and platform for organizations. Just previews will made available to the public. Ad concept could be stolen by an interested company. How do you protect the ads before they are bought. +++
  • Provide a place online where citizens could vent about stuff that’s broken in their neighborhood. Streetlights, potholes, tree limbs etc. And Have a section where you can easily report bad government policies or political actions without consequence to you. +
  • Create software that the National Weather Service can use to automatically call or send text messages to all cell phones/landlines of people in areas most likely to be hit. This will definitely serve as a warning system for those not tuned in to TV or Radio , but are carrying phones. +
  • Use Facebook API to develop group social professionals limited and arranged in groups. Lawyers, Doctors, meet for professional friendship and networking for young graduates. With different page designs for each profession.+_
  • Self filtering of News based on the information you provide. Aggregate data of movies, Music, news, videos that matter to you or your preferences. People who have your kin of preferences are listed for you to collaborate and share._
  • A web app that allows you to access book chapters. There can be a pay-by-view system. Since not every chapter or page is covered in some colleges, why bother paying for the whole textbook? Certain chapters are very crucial for specific classes. go buy that chapter. +
  • An app for recent graduates. You give your preferences of the kind of jobs you prefer and the app will match by crawling job posts available on the internet. Matches can be made based on countries of preferences.+


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