The Finovate conference is held twice each year in New York City. It is a demo-focused conference in financial technology.
Finovate Fall 2010 attendees voted on “Best of Show” demos from the demos they had seen. At end of the conference all 56 companies were ranked based on the audience vote. The top seven (7) were named  Best of Show. They include:

Betterment — A site that offers easy-to-follow investment advice based on a series of questionnaire-based advice on stock and bond purchases.

BillShrink — helps users cut costs on bills by offering alternative TV and cell phone packages, along with bank rates and credit card rates.

Bundle — A tool that aims to help consumers stick to a budget by comparing their spending and saving habits to others in the same demographic.

Dynamics, Inc. — This product engineering company announced a partnership with Citi to release the “Second Generation” of credit cards, which include customizable features and embedded buttons.

oFlows — gives banks ways to go paperless with “fully paperless originations platforms.”

PayNearMe — A service that gives unbanked or underbanked consumers an opportunity to pay for online purchases with cash. The company has partnered with 7-Eleven.

SecureKey Technologies — contactless card reading service allows consumers to shop online or make money transfers without inputting their card information in any online fields.


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