The IO Startup Accelerator is a 4 month program to helps startups launch their products and build companies. The incubator program runs like the YCombinator. Application forms are filled out on their site. If you’re selected, they are likely invest up to $25,000 in your company. They get Common Stock just like the co-founders and employees and work with you side-by-side to make your company a success. They can take up to 8% of your Common Stock.

Here’s a list of six companies who have successfully graduated from the program:

Appbistro — A marketplace for business applications on Facebook, including user reviews and a payments service.

SocialVision — A tool for publishers to add chat capabilities to their videos.

Anomaly — A company that tries to uses algorithms to determine what’s most relevant in a stream of content. Its first site is The Cadmus, which sorts your Twitter stream
by relevance.

Damntheradio — A service that helps businesses and brands design campaigns that reward users for promoting products on social networks.

Skyara — A marketplace for finding activities. The goal is to help people find exciting activities that are off the beaten path.

AppRats — Builds Facebook apps for YouTube stars (and wannabe YouTube stars) to help them interact with fans and make money