Today October 18th the Israeli high-tech community will meet for a 1 day event (TWS) to learn of the new trends and promises of Israel’s Web and Mobile. 10 startups will do a 5 minute presentation and can be visited at their booth in the Demopit.

The ten startups chosen to make a presentation at the event include:

Kryon Systems develops software called ‘Leo’ which provides actionable help. The windows only application currently supports Microsoft Office 2007 and claims to expand to iTunes, FireFox, Facebook, and other applications.

POSE is debuting a Point Of Sale system (POS) for small businesses that can be run on desktops and any mobile device.

Velocee is a mobile Content Distribution Network (CDN) that relieves data network congestion by predicting subscribers’ individual mobile data usage trends.

Concealium markets DynamicShield, a solution aimed at protecting corporate data on SaaS applications.

Sparkeo is a learning platform that lets experts create and sell interactive video courses over the web in minutes.

Superfly is like Mint for travel. It helps you make the smartest travel decisions so you get the most out of your mileage points and accommodations.

Webydo is a Design Management System (DMS) that transforms Photoshop PSD files to functional websites with no knowledge of HTML or CSS.

Touchoo is an end-to-end solution for the creation and distribution of interactive children’s book-apps, for touch-screen platforms.

TA-Vision specializes in utilizing artificial intelligence to create automated chat solutions where virtual agents (as opposed to real humans) chat with websites visitors and service their needs. Spooky.

give2gether provides non-profits a fundraising platform to improve donor conversion rates and participation levels.

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  1. Great event! Webydo and Touchoo were the most impressive. Webydo developed a much needed tool for building html websites (with no programming!) and touchoo presented a beautiful product.

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