1. Clearly communicate the vision, mission, and values.
  2. Attract and retain the highly skilled and motivated people.
  3. Create and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction
  4. Promise action but manage expectations.
  5. Communicate and interact with everyone.
  6. Define equity type.
  7. Just do it
  8. Technology costs are falling, meaning you can do more with less.
  9. Great companies are made, not born.
  10. Reward continuous learning.
  11. What type of business startup best fits your mentality?
  12. Market your solution and user benefits, not the mysterious technology behind it.
  13. Stick with the business area you know
  14. Don’t discount the value of your network.
  15. Who do you have as outside board members?
  16. How solid is the intellectual property?
  17. Sell what you have, not what you dream.
  18. A product, without customer support, is not ready for sale.
  19. Follow-up to assess progress or casualties