1. Trends can last for generations, when you spot one do not take it lightly
  2. A trend could be a Lifestyle, new Style, Entertainment trend or trend in Technology.
  3. Pay attention to what your friends, family and co‐workers are doing and using.
  4. Are there trends happening in the big metropolitan cities that can be replicated in your city
  5. Do not think it’s already been done and you are too late.
  6. Hot trends can also give birth to successful spinoff businesses.
  7. What other products or services might fans of that trend be interested in?
  8. What trends are you most interested in, think global.
  9. Study Google trends closely for top Google searches
  10. What technologies are being developed or are in their infancy stages?
  11. What has happened in the past that is being readopted by a subculture?
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