Groupon, sends out daily deal announcements to e-mail subscribers who are hungry for deals and savings. There has been so many Groupon clones lately. Just maybe chewpons has something different to offer. Chewpons is staying focused on restaurants for now. Daily deal websites are a hot topic in web technology, marketing and investor circles. Groupon turned down a $6 billion acquisition from Google last week. Another large competitor, LivingSocial, recently received a $175 million investment from Internet retailer Amazon.

Chewpons, a Baltimore-based firm that launched last week. It’s the latest competitor in a growing industry brimming with local and national players. Chewpons partners with local advertisers — mainly restaurants — who offer discounted coupons for deals that typically range from 50 percent to 90 percent. Consumers can subscribe to the daily e-mails, follow Chewpons on social media websites, and share the deals with friends for additional savings.

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