The Le Web startup competition filtered over 400 startups down to a final 16. Today the last three finalists got the opportunity to pitch their startups to the assembled crowd at the conference, after which the judges retired to select the overall winner. The judges changed the format of the awards and decided they wanted a winner with great originality, technology and virality. All three finalists were chosen as winners.

First Prize in Virality went to is a new way to look at streams,currently from Twitter .

Waze Picked the First Prize in Technology.
Social mapping company Waze is a mobile application that allows offers users a free way to get turn-by-turn navigation, while at the same time using that user data to build out its own maps .Waze gets users to build out their maps in terms of traffic, accidents, etc by simply driving around. You get free GPS navigation and a social game which incentivise users to map more places and contribute to Waze.

First Prize in Originality went to Super Marmite
Super Marmite is a location-based social network that brings homemade meals to your doorstep. The idea is to build up an eclectic gourmet offering, produced daily by individuals as an alternative to traditional fast food outlets. Users are rated by the community to weed out the potential poisoners of course. Created as a Paris StartupWeekend May this year.

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