Sequoia Capital is one of Silicon Valley’s great venture capital firms in an ongoing quest to find the best entrepreneurs in the world for DEMO, offered startups the opportunity to pitch their businesses to partners form Sequoia and venturebeat. Each session with a startups was for for at least half-hour (20 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes of feedback). Ten companies worldwide were selected.

Cardeeo was selected among the top ten to pitch their business not for funds but for an opportunity to develop an early relationship with the firm’s partners. Cardeeo uses mobile technology to create a platform for customizable, customer loyalty programs for small businesses. One of the products features is an analytics dashboard that allows the business to see the results of deals or discounts and how customers interact with a brand. Consumers download an app and set up a profile on the platform (called Loyaltree), which would be accessed by all the businesses that use the product. Additionally, there is a mailbox within the profile in the application that collects all the deals, promos and other information sent out by businesses.