Tradeshift is a free invoicing tool. It is web-based and works with all browsers. It is tailored for any company that wants to send and receive invoices electronically. Tradeshift is an alternative to creating your invoices on paper or in an office package.

With Tradeshift you can gather your business network in one location and keep all communication regarding a business document in one place. You can add and invite business partners to join your network just as easily as you do on social networks. Whether your business contacts are on Tradeshift or not you can still do business with them.

Tradeshift won the Best Enterprise Startup 2010 in last month’s Europe Awards. Judges at the event commented that Tradeshift’s free invoicing tool is disrupting the world of invoicing and has the potential to change how economies operate. Tradeshift was founded in 2009 and is based in Copenhagen-Denmark.