Grovo an online training platform that uses video courses to teach people how to use popular Web sites has won the Vator splash 2010 startup competition held in New York. 10 startups competed for the first prize spot.

Grovo introduces Internet amateurs to the essential features of the best websites, from Facebook to eBay, LinkedIn to Google Analytics. Around the world, 240 million people sign up for the Internet for the first time every year, according to Fernandez (CEO and co-founder of Grovo). He believes there is enough market for his new site that seeks to educate the new entrants to the internet. For businesses and nonprofit organizations, Grovo provides a quick introduction to Web resources that could potentially drive customer and supporter engagement. Educators can use Grovo to either teach technology or train staff.

After watching through some videos, users can take a short test to be certified for that particular website. But I wonder where the certified certifcate can take you. If you are a facebook pro, do you need a certicate for that. But generally the concept is interesting and useful. The idea stands out from a lot of online education sites out there. A lot of new internet users will be more efficient if they know how they can benefit from popular sites.And most features of popular sites like Google search are not fully explored. A Quick Video illustration will be useful.