16-year old computer whiz kid William LeGate has taken the Apple App Store by storm. With the launch of a new free App for iPhone through his company Imagination Research Labs, LeGates’ Game Giveaway enjoyed overnight success. Launched on December 1st, 2010 and in just over a week, the app received almost 1M downloads for Game Giveaway.

With over 300,000 game applications available for iPhone users, Game Giveaway gained instant popularity in just weeks on the market. With 100,000 downloads of Game Giveaway in just 24 hours, the App quickly rose to number two on the Top 25 Free iPhone applications with a 4.5 out of 5 star rating.

How the Game Giveaway App works…

1) You use the app and request a game to be free
2) They go out and beg developers to help fulfill your wishes
3) If the developer agrees, They give away the game in the Game Giveaway app.
4) You rate us/the apps they feature in the App Store and tell your friends about them.

A Georgia native, William LeGate is a young talent who harnessed his propensity for computers and love of video games into something productive. The high school sophomore’s career started at age 11 when he began setting up network hubs. By age 12 he was blogging and by 13 he was an arbitrageur, buying and repairing iPods and iPhones and selling them for a higher price. At 14, LeGate wrote a popular iPhone app Game Giveaway which was developed through Imagination Research Labs, an iPhone development firm based out of Atlanta, GA founded by LeGate.