If you are a fun of entertainment from the sixties, InsideApp has good news for you. InsideApp Studios, Inc. a mobile app development company and developer of iPhone and iPad apps, announced yesterday the launch of The Sixties for the iPad, a multimedia journey through the 1960s. The app provides an extensive history of all the major events, news, music, cinema and culture that shaped the decade providing an entertaining learning experience.

The Sixties app leverages the iPad’s visual capabilities to provide an entertaining and educational experience of the sixties. The app allows you to explore each year through the lens of cartoons, events, news, music, movies and plenty of video. A companion website: Back To The Sixties, accessible from within the app, provides a social platform to reminisce about the sixties with those that survived it and others that just like talking about it.

-Learn about 60s events presented chronologically through vintage editorial cartoons
-Read historical narratives providing background and context for each cartoon
-Watch video newsreels, speeches, interviews and documentaries covering 60s major events
-Research into sixties events with reference resources accessible conveniently within the app
-Post 60s memories and read those of others by visiting back2sixties.com from within the app

-Explore the top songs for each year of the 60s through beautiful album art galleries
-Play song samples
-Watch hundreds of music videos, concert footage, interviews and more
-Download the song or album directly to your iPad
-Research song/artist history with reference resources accessible conveniently within the app

-Learn about the 60s through cinema
-Explore the top movies and award winners for each year
-Watch hundreds of movie clips, trailers, interviews and more
-Download movies directly to your iPad
-Research movie backgrounds with reference resources accessible conveniently within the app