As the online shopping experience becomes more social, many businesses and e-commerce store fronts are looking for new ways to engage consumers to rally them around their brands. The popular social networking site ( Facebook ) is hoping to complete the symbiotic relationship by integrating e-commerce directly into its mega social platform with new analytical tools and shopping features. By adding e-commerce features to both attract and convert users, Facebook believes it may be able to create a new kind of shopping experience.

Hiring David Fisch to run the newly formed commerce partnerships group at Facebook, the goal is to help move the site towards a social networking / e-commerce hybrid. Managers at the Palo Alto (Calif.)-based social network have met in the past month with more than 20 companies, said David Fisch, who runs a newly formed commerce partnerships group at Facebook. The aim is to help retailers set up shop on its pages and build tools that let Web users interact while buying.

Facebook is adding e-commerce features to attract users, keep them logged-on longer, and generate higher advertising sales. If Facebook gets this right, Shoppong sites like ebay, Amazon, Best buy and all major shopping sites will be affected. With a growing trend in sociability and sharing on almost every e-commerce website, Facebook seems to be at the center of social commerce.

( Via Businessweek )

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