Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the major players of the social media world, but there are other equally brilliant options for customizing or managing the massive social media applications. Both Consumers and businesses have embraced social media and developers have built hundreds of tools both free and paid to make social media management easy. Here are other useful tools for transforming your social network experience.

HootSuite: This social media dashboard lets you coordinate and keep track of company-wide tweets, monitor mentions of your brand or company on almost any social networking platform and even reports the results of your efforts in real time. HootSuite is free, but HootSuite Pro, which lets you manage unlimited accounts, costs $5.99 per month.

CubeTree: This tool allows you to create a social network within your business. Employees can collaborate on wikis, create polls, monitor status updatesnand collaborate and comment on social documents. CubeTree is free, though an enterprise service allows 1GB of storage per user and costs $5 per month.

CoTweet: This stand-alone application coordinates a team of tweeters writing on one corporate account. Essential for companies that want to speak with a unified voice through a single Twitter handle or companies that want 24/7 social media engagement. Free.

UserVoice: This application allows businesses to post customer feedback and ideas on their websites. Other visitors are then allowed to vote the comments and ideas up or down, and site managers are able to reply directly to customer problems. Basic package is free.

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