Are you buried under a landslide of e-mail, status updates, blog entries and tweets? creates customized social networks for business users, aggregating contacts from across multiple inboxes, address books and social media websites to build integrated profiles that keep you abreast of all that’s going on with your colleagues, clients and collaborators.

Gist removes the noise from individual email alerts, eliminates the hassle of going to multiple services to get news and updates about contacts, and automates the delivery and presentation of the most important information about the contacts in your professional network. By spanning the most on-line contact and content sources, Gist users are better informed with insights and actionable information about clients, prospects, and contacts.

On A single platform, you can:

Add Contacts Automatically:Your contacts are everywhere. They are in email, social networks, on your mobile phone and many other sources. Gist brings your contacts into one place to give you a full view of your network making it easy to find anyone, anytime.

Get News & Updates: Automatically get the latest news, blog posts, and tweets for anyone in your professional network delivered where you want it, when you want it. Always keep up to date with all of your contacts.

See the Broadest View. All your contacts across all your inboxes, social networks, and lists assembled in one place for easy access and use – no invites to send or friends to request.

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