Customers will always contact you for support services. If you handle hundreds to thousands of customers, you know what it means to support clients-email replies, phone call response, chat support etc. Customer support can make or unmake your company. It is crucial that you support your customers for maximum customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer could earn you a referral. The following tools can greatly reduce the time required to support your clients.

  1. SupportBreeze- SupportBreeze is by my good friend Mark Bao. It’s a great, simple, and elegant support ticketing system. It’s simplicity and workflows make it a fan favorite
  2. Wufoo Wufoo is great for simple contact forms that can then be integrated into other systems such as MailChimp, SalesForce, and more. They can also be sent directly to your cell phone.
  3. SnapEngage- SnapEngage is a module that allows customers to ask for help and get live support.
  4. Olark Olark is similar to snapengage as it also allows you to receive pre-sales support requests from customer currently browsing your site.
  5. Vanilla Forums Vanilla forums is an open source piece of software that also has a hosted counterpart.
  6. ZenDesk- ZenDesk is a support desk and support ticket item
  7. TenderApp is a knowledgebase and customer support application.
  8. GetSatisfaction GetSatisfaction provides user powered support forums with employee interaction.
  9. UserVoice UserVoice allows users to leave feedback on a site with bugs and new ideas.
  10. Assistly Assistly is customer support made easier and more affordable. I love this product and would invest myself. The workflow and social media integration is very smart. What are other ways startups can use support to increase sales and decrease churn? Leave your victories, horror stories, tips, hints, and tricks in the comments.


  1. You might want to consider adding ClickDesk to the list. ClickDesk provides a wonderful combo of fastest live chat, lite help desk, browser phone and social toolbar.

  2. Great list of customer support tools which we need for our business. List should also be categorized as Email and live chat without phone. Live2Support, Boldchat and others should be get listed In this category.

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