Textbook Buyback is easy, cheap to use (they pay for the shipping), and offers students the opportunity to get great value for their used books. The deals they offer for used textbooks drive home the point that selling them back after the semester ends is a very good idea. If you have an eligible textbook to sell back, Amazon.com/buyback will buy it at a great price.

Amazon (buyback) begins by inviting regular customers visiting the site to sell back books they’ve recently purchased, even listing eligible ones along with the value of the gift card it’s willing to exchange them for.

Interested customers can also search for eligible titles themselves. Either way, once they’ve identified what they’d like to sell back, they simply print out a free shipping label, pack up the books and send them back to Amazon’s designated third-party merchant. Once the books are received, Amazon deposits an Amazon.com gift card into the customer’s account.

Begin now and find the books you’d like to Sell.


  1. See, this is why Amazon is the #1 retailer in the world, because they do awesome stuff like this. I've already sold back over 50+ of my old books.

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