MoodMusic allows Facebook users an array of new music features that are sure to turn heads. MoodMusic is a free service that allows everyone to now use songs instead of words to update their social status. The iPhone and iPod touch application released January 1st, 2011, allows users to post and recommend songs to their Facebook friends. This creates a unique music experience where your friends are choosing your playlist instead of Pandora or

-Set your facebook status with a song that instantly posts to your profile for all of your friends to listen to

-Send friends songs by using our “recommend” feature. The song you send them will post to their wall for them to play

-See what music your friends are uploading and listen to it while you browse facebook

-Listen to our “global jukebox.” THis is a real time radio station comprised of everyone’s uploaded moodmusic

-You can enjoy these same features in addition to uploading any song you have on your phone straight to your facebook profile using our free iPhone application

To get started, simply search MoodMusic in the iTunes store or find MoodMusic on Facebook