ShopKick recieved reviews by major news portals in 2010. Shopkick was founded in the summer of 2009. They believe that shopping in the offline world can be done much better than it’s been done for so many years.

Why does no one reward you for visiting their stores, only for buying something? Why does nobody make shopping more individual? Where are the offers that really matter to you, especially if you don’t read the Sunday paper? And why is there no fun social sharing and other entertainment when you go to your favorite stores? These are the major questions that that necessitated shopkick.

shopkick can tell when consumers are inside a store, not just standing in the parking lot. Shopkick can recognize the difference between what it calls a ‘Check in’ (a customer nearby a store) and a ‘Walk in’ (a customer actually entering a store). Check-ins use GPS technology, but Walk-ins use signal transmitters about the size of bricks located throughout the stores.

Shoppers out and about can open the app to view a list of nearby stores or locations where they can ‘Check in’. Check-ins get users a couple of rewards points—what shopkick calls kickbucks—which users can cash in for gift cards at shopkick retailers, prizes and for other small rewards such as song downloads from Napster or donations to charity.

Shopkick has already received $15 million in funding and has landed major deals with big-name retailers including Best Buy Co. Inc., Macy’s Inc., The Sports Authority and teen apparel retailer American Eagle Outfitters Inc.

Shopkick Android

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