eBay Is no doubt by far the best place to bid on new and used Pcs, gadgets, and electronic components. It is also one of the best places to auction off your older equipment—and make some money to fund your new purchases. But like any other big online company, eBay has gotten too big for its own good. Fortunately, alternatives are out there. Here are other equally good online auction-site alternatives to ebay.

Bonanzle is a hybrid of ebay, etsy (an online marketplace for homemade products), and social network. More of an online garage sale than an auction house, the site encourages a sense of community and individuality among shoppers and sellers. More about unique and collectible items than mass-produced products, bonanzle presents a good selection of older-model cameras and camera accessories, cell phone accessories, and computer parts.

eCrater provides free tools to help you build your own Web store. It has no listing fees, and you can easily import your ebay products into your storefront. all wares are monitored by Google’s Product search marketplace, which provides up-to-date information about your offerings to potential buyers.

iOffer lets you either purchase an item at the seller’s asking price or make the seller an offer. stores are also integrated with Google analytics, so sellers can track visitors and keywords to help them optimize the stores’ design. to protect buyers, ioffer provides a rating chart that gives a visual summary of seller transactions and past rating history.