NC IDEA has granted $200,000 to the five firms as part of its commitment to help startup companies grow in North Carolina. NC IDEA receives no equity as part of the funding.

The companies and the amount of the awards:

* HEALTHeME – $36,000
HEALTHeME’s digital therapeutics platform empowers people to manage their own health via the web and their mobile phone. The HEALTHeME platform combines clinical treatments and sophisticated artificial intelligence to create customized plans based on users’ lifestyles, health goals and personality type. Leveraging real-time coaching, social networks and the user’s own healthcare providers, HEALTHeME provides truly tailored care outside the clinic walls.

* PowerChalk – $36,000
PowerChalk is the first and only web-based sports motion telestrator that lets you upload, markup and voiceover videos without installing high priced, hard to use (and harder to configure) software. Already in use by major league players and teams, PowerChalk is changing the face of sports instruction.

* RemedEase – $43,000
RemedEase offers a patented method and device as a new and novel treatment for nosebleeds, suffered by millions of Americans every day. It requires only that the device be slipped under the top lip where it significantly curtails the primary flow of blood to the nose in approximately 1-2 minutes.

* Scion NeuroStim – $40,000
Scion NeuroStim has developed an inexpensive, non-invasive neurostimulator that is being used in a highly successful pilot study to treat migraine patients. The underlying science involves stimulation of innate protective pathways in the body to treat pain. The goal is to provide a device that can be used in either the physician’s office or eventually the patient’s home.

* Spring Metrics – $45,000
Spring Metrics helps you grow your online business by providing a deeper understanding of your customers and how they interact with your website. The company does this by making complex web analytics more friendly and digestible for marketers and e-commerce professionals who don’t want to wrestle with the complexity of traditional analytics products.

NC IDEA has awarded some $1.9 million in grants to 52 startups since the program’s launch in 2006.

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