Spruse is a meta search engine that launched in the first week of January 2011. Along with its ability to crawl the web with its advanced web spiders, Spruse searches multiple search engines filtering all un-useful and unwanted results and returning fast and relevant ones.

In addition to typical online searches, Spruce allows users to search over 100 top sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Digg, MSN, Yahoo and a wide variety of trusted websites. Visitors to Spruse can perform a general search, or they can limit their search to specific items, such as images, videos, news, blogs and much more.

The search engine also presents users with a list of predetermined search options on topics other visitors have been researching. Topics include such subjects as global warming, the yearly solstices, celebrities, films and unusual weather patterns. The topics provide users with a means of keeping informed and entertained about issues important to them.

Visitors can add the new search engine to their own website to help increase rankings and functionality. The website provides the needed code. Simply copy and paste into any html or php file and it’s ready to use.

Spruse intends to offer results with ratings and comments, making it easier for users to locate the information for which they’re searching. User-generated ratings will help other searchers determine if a specific site is helpful and why.