Photo-project startup Pixable is launching a new Facebook app today that seeks to change the way the social network’s members browse photos online. The free app allows users to see all of their friend’s photos without jumping from profile to profile, browse photos by categories such as “most popular,” and get updates when specific friends add or are tagged in new photos.

Pixable says it’s attempting to fill the same niche in the online photo world that Google and Yahoo filled on the web when the number of web pages started to become overwhelming.

Pixable enables users to manage their online photos with a set of features centered around photo search, aggregation, editing, and photo-product creation. Initially, Pixable allowed users to create and print photo books using the photos that they and their friends have stored on Facebook.

Other Pixable Apps

  • Photobooks Transform your favorite photos from Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa or your computer into a gorgeous photo book to share it online or print on a high quality book.
  • Pocketpix A new and exciting way to share your photos on your wall or blog. You can even print them out on a set of photo cards that open like a fan.
  • Videos Pixable Videos automatically transforms your favorite photos and the music you dig into a slick video. It is fast, free and easy.
  • MyPhotoStats Find out which friends you’re tagged with the most. You can also view and download the photos where you and your top friends appear together!
  • MosaicMe Generate a mosaic with just one click with all the profile photos of your Facebook friends. You can download the mosaic, use it as a profile photo, send it to your iPhone or share it with friends.
  • QuickPix QuickPix is a Facebook application that allows you to create a photo book using your Facebook photos – with just one click!