Ticket Tailor is a new service that offers all the tools needed to sell tickets on-line so that venues and event organisers can sell tickets direct and keep any booking fees they wish to set.

Typically, a booking-fee is 10% of the face value and quite often there is a transaction charge on top. On two £10 tickets a customer might be expected to pay up to £4 in fees in order to buy an e-ticket. If a venue sells 100 tickets at £10 it will have cost them (or their customers) £400 in fees. Ticket Tailor allows the organiser to set and keep their own booking fees.

How Ticket Tailor works:

Publish your events
Create your events in minutes, set your own booking fees, and customise the pages to fit your brand.

Promote your events
Use our website widgets and Facebook App, as well as a buytickets.at/you web address to spread your events across the web.

Sell out your events
Get paid direct to your PayPal account and keep all the money * including any booking fees you may set.

Run your events
Track sales live with the Ticket Tailor control panel. Use our e-ticket entry systems to verify your customers.


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