AlchemAid, a Maryland-based iPhone / iPad /iPod Touch application developer, has announced the launch of the company’s hands-free note and voice memo application, NoteMinder and NoteMinder Lite.

NoteMinder allows users to record notes, phone numbers, and other important information by simply shaking the phone to record and shaking again to stop the recording and send it. The message is then automatically sent to a preselected email address that users set up on their first use of the application.

NoteMinder features

* NO touch operation
* Open NoteMinder –> Shake – Talk – Shake <–
* Multiple input modes
* Background sending Cue: True multitasking
* Messages are sent to any preset email address
* Sound notification to confirm actions
* Send yourself text reminders, audio reminders, or both – you choose!
* Bluetooth compatible (iPhone)
* Remember anything! Grocery lists, anniversary presents, business ideas, affirmations, and phone numbers
* Change the default subject or body text sent with each reminder
* Listen to your message before you send it, if you want
* Automatically saves your reminders for 30 days to 1 year
* Use with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Available in the iPhone App Store


  1. Really neat app, I just downloaded it! Finally something I will use everyday, unlike lots of stuff I have!

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