Enable Table™ NFC is the first commercial restaurant application to support Near Field Communications (NFC) technology on the Android market.

Enable Table™ NFC allows the Nexus S user to touch their phone, at the end of a meal, to an Enable Table™ NFC Check Billfold and receive Welcome Back Coupons directly to their Nexus S, in participating restaurants.The coupons self organize until they are redeemed or expire. No scavenger hunts, elaborate rules, or games.

Enable Table uses restaurant location based services (rLBS) to reward consumer loyalty by providing Welcome Back Restaurant Coupons direct to the smartphone!

Enable Table™ NFC features include:

* Touch to receive simplicity
* Self organizing and easy to redeem coupons
* No time consuming check-ins required
* Welcome back loyalty!

Enable Table™ NFC is available for download in the U.S and Canada for the Google Nexus S at the Android market for FREE.

Available for the Android

Available on the iPhone