Two Seattle startup veterans yesterday launched a venture that adds a little competition to LinkedIn, letting the business network users rank colleagues.

Cubeduel is a fun way to rank your coworkers. Who would you rather work with? Cubeduel uses your LinkedIn® work history to figure out who you worked with. Your current and former coworkers compete in head to head duels. Click a coworker to vote in each duel. uses the LinkedIn API to call up a poll when you sign in to the site. It pulls up contacts with experience at the same company and lets users vote on which one they’d rather work with, then builds lists of “top” employees at particular companies.

The company was started by UrbanSpoon co-founder Adam Doppelt and Tony Wright, co-founder of RescueTime. They’re so far the only employees at the boot-strapped company, which is being advised by Microsoft veteran and iLike co-founder Hadi Partovi.