Rebtel, the world’s largest independent mobile VoIP company, today announced the launch of its new BlackBerry application, allowing BlackBerry users to make and receive free international calls between more than 50 countries.

The news immediately affects millions of BlackBerry users looking for a smart and simple solution for making free or affordable international calls. Rebtel currently has mobile offerings with similar Free Calls functionality available for the Android platform (since March 2010) and is adding it to their next version of Apple’s iOS iteration slated for release in Spring 2011.

Rebtel for BlackBerry package includes:

Free international calls: Calls from Rebtel users to BlackBerry or Android devices with the application enabled from any phone are completely free of international charges.

Seamless background integration: When the user dials an international number, or selects an address book contact with an international number, the call is automatically intercepted and routed via Rebtel instead of their carrier.

No Wi-Fi needed: Similar to Rebtel’s Android app, Rebtel for BlackBerry works on the standard cellular network using local phone numbers and users’ monthly local minutes instead of requiring an active Wi-Fi connection to connect calls.

The Rebtel app works anytime, anywhere and works with the standard operator, dialer and address book.

Download the Rebtel app for your mobile device.


  1. Hi there I downloaded rebtel app and if I make n call to a international nr it does not take the call and it go's with my normal cattier where am I going wrong I have n blakberry 8520 cuve pls help !!!!!!!

  2. Y there are Free Call service for iphone like the LINE, VIBER, TANGO..but there is non for BB…

  3. dosto muje aisa kuch dikhao ki iphn se blackbarry me free calls ho aisa koi app mujko batlao plis tex karna muje 9998731234

  4. Do not respond to posts that sound like a readout from a company's advertising campaign. Rebtel does not allow free calls mobile to mobile with 3 g I am not even sure that it does with wifi… Plains sucks…

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