Social games and apps platform Viximo has recently added the popular Ravenwood Fair (LOLapps) as well as Backyard Monsters (Casual Collective) and Resort World (Game Insight) to its fast-growing games platform.

Viximo is a platform that connects social app and game developers with numerous social networks across the web. With Viximo’s platform app and game developers get access to over 100 million users across multiple social networks with a single easy implementation.

Viximo’s platform distributes leading social games to an international and fast growing catalog of partners, matching great games to the top social networks beyond Facebook. Optimizing for play, virality, discovery and monetization, Viximo is able to facilitate custom strategies for companies that need to establish their businesses beyond a single website.

“Viximo’s gaming partners have a unique opportunity to reach new audiences, be ahead of the curve in discovery and management of their diversification strategies,” Dale Strang, CEO, Viximo, said. “We are excited to add hot titles such as Ravenwood Fair, Backyard Monsters and Resort World to our platform.”

Titled “LOLapps’ Ravenwood Fair has attracted nearly five million monthly active users. Deceptively in-depth, the simulation game challenges players to keep back an encroaching forest by chopping down trees, delivering a near-constant supply of resource-based quests to complete.

Backyard Monsters (more than 3.2 million active users on Facebook) and simulation game Resort World (nearly three million active users) will also be signed to Viximo and supported with technology platforms enabling them to live on a number of social networks.

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