TXTio.com has announced a service that allows companies to reach local cellphone customers with a local phone number anywhere in the country. Business owners can send mobile marketing messages to customers and update the deals on social media websites.

At TXTio.com, businesses can register for their own local number making them appear local anywhere in the country.

The technology saves customers from memorizing short codes and enables businesses to receive their messages over popular phone technology including Google Voice.

Along with being able to send messages from a cellphone, businesses can also confirm delivery of the message and even synch messages with Twitter, Facebook, ShowMeLocal their TXTio profile and soon with other popular social networking sites.

“We make it simple to get started and promote a business. There’s no computer required and messages can easily be blasted from any cellphone. That makes it very easy for business owners to promote their business even when they don’t have access to the Internet. It finally makes mobile marketing truly mobile, not only for the customer, but also for the business.” Said Eugene Belenky with TXTio.com.