Toktumi, Inc., the company that developed Line2, has announced that its SMS-enabled VoIP app can now be downloaded in the Android marketplace.

Line2 becomes the first VoIP app for Android to feature carrier-grade SMS texting combined with feature-rich calling functionality, allowing customers to use one number for both types of communication.

Customers use Line2 to add a second line to their smartphone or turn an iPod or tablet device into a fully-featured telephone. The app allows customers to:

# Make phone calls and send texts where they don’t have cell reception

# Reduce their cell bills, add a second line for business use, or

#Get another number so they can keep their personal cell number private.

# Take advantage of Line2’s free port-in offer, which lets them move an existing number to Line2 free of charge.

# Place and receive calls over Wi-Fi, 3G/4G data, or cellular voice networks using the same number.

# Use the phone’s 3G or 4G data network to place or receive the call.

The application detects the best available network based on customer preferences and places and receives calls over that network automatically.

The app’s Wi-Fi capabilities allow international travelers to place and receive calls while overseas without incurring voice or data roaming charges.

Line2 is a free download that comes with 30 days of free service. After that, service costs just $9.95/month for unlimited US/Canada calling and texting.