BigDoor, the gamification platform that increases user engagement, loyalty and monetization, today kicked off the inaugural Gamification Summit with news that its service is now free. The company also announced new updates to its gamification platform including a redesigned BigDoor MiniBar widget, as well as updates to its website and partner administrative tools.

“The branded MiniBar is specifically designed to allow websites to seamlessly add gamification to their site with little to no technical expertise needed.” Said co-founder and CTO Jeff Malek.

Using BigDoor’s no cost platform, website owners can now easily:

* Create a branded gamification MiniBar for their site
* Reward users with badges, points and virtual currency in exchange for their users checking-in, sharing site content and searching
* Identify and reward their site’s most influential users by granting points and virtual currency based on the clicks a user gets from their shared content
* Create and monetize their own branded virtual currency and provide deals to their users
* Access deep analytics on their users and their rewardable actions

BigDoor provides a platform that helps companies build game mechanics and loyalty programs into their site or app through points, badges, levels, leaderboards, virtual currency and virtual goods.