Kony Solutions, Inc. secured $19.1 million in Series A financing from Insight Venture Partners with an initial investment of approximately $13.4 million a few days ago, and the investor confidence in this platform is noteworthy.

Kony Solutions and the Kony Mobile Application Platform™ enable Fortune 500 companies to offer consumers and employees feature-rich mobile applications in less time and at lower costs than any other solution. More than 35 Fortune 500 brands have engaged Kony Solutions to develop, design, deploy and manage their mobile offerings.

Kony Solutions intends to use the funding for research and development related to the Kony Mobile Application Platform™ and to expand sales and marketing.

A lot of startups are in the mobile application platforms space to take advantage of the consumer interest in mobile applications. Not only are consumers interested to use mobile applications, but they want to be able to build their own applications with little or no help. Small businesses and enterprises alike are also taking advantage of the user interest to offer mobile versions of services and products to users. The growing interest in mobile products and services is enormous and its bound to increase at an amazing rate in the near future.

Kony Solutions is seeking to position as the right source for businesses to build mobile apps and they seems to be doing that with huge support from the those with the money to push the vision.