, now renamed, was selected, by popular vote via text message, as a new technology product that would most benefit the real estate industry. competed with, Abogo, BuyerMLS and Stik.

Voters made their choice after five tech startups pitched their products at a “New Kids on the Block” presentation at the Inman News Real Estate Connect conference 2010 in New York.

Real Estate Connect® brings together the brightest minds in the real estate and technology industries for three incredible days every year in San Francisco and in New York. turns static “About Us” pages into social networking hubs. Agents can embed the product into their site with their own branding and colors. When users visit a brokerage site’s description page, they’ll be able to see how they are already connected to agents at that brokerage through Facebook, Google’s Gmail, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Twitter and

“It’s compelling to see, ‘Oh wow, I already know this guy and here’s how we’re connected,’ ” Graham said. founder of

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