BlipSnips®, a 2010 graduate of the mentor-led technology accelerator program TechStars, today launched an application suite that allows consumers to create video on an iPhone, mark their favorite moments, tag their friends and post it immediately to friends’ Facebook walls, as well let those friends tag the same video and share it with their social networks.

The new product suite, BlipSnips for Facebook, transforms videos into social conversations by offering simple and efficient moment-in-time ‘deep tagging’ and social sharing capabilities for its users. The application is available on the iPhone via the Apple App Store.

Facebook users can now also use BlipSnips to tag, caption and share videos they’ve previously uploaded to Facebook or any videos they discover on YouTube.

The free BlipSnips video player and management application on Facebook provides a simple and engaging means for the creation, sharing and discovery of uploaded Facebook or YouTube video among a Facebook user’s social network.


# Skip to the good parts
# Add comments directly to that moment
# Share & embed easily
# Use any video from YouTube

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