Four early-stage companies have been selected for presentation slots at next week’s “StartupCamp3, Comms Edition”, collocated with ITEXPO East, taking place February 2 – 4, at the Miami Beach Convention Center, in Miami, Florida.

StartupCamp Communications is a joint production of TMC, a leading global media company based in Norwalk, CT, and Embrase Business Consulting of Montreal.

A panel of experts along with the live audience will actively provide feedback, and help choose a winner of the night.

The following startups have been selected to pitch at the event:

Call Loop offers virtually any business a simple and automated way to create fully integrated marketing campaigns that combine power of voice, text and email.

SatCourier is a patent pending transceiver that allows smart phone users to connect to the Iridium satellite communication network. This innovative Bluetooth bridge between a smart phone and Iridium offers access to rich data communication services in areas where cellular communication is otherwise impossible. is a knowledge network that switches Facebook into study mode. Built on Facebook’s application platform, Hoot allows users to collaborate with their friends via video/voice conferencing and smart chat.

HookFlash sees SIP as highly underutilized and poorly managed by small businesses and enterprises, respectively because of the complexity of deployment – particularly as it relates to mobile devices. Hookflash is an over-the-top platfom designed to enable companies around the globe to sip-enable and manage mobile devices at will.