The people who speak on Mixergy or at live Mixergy events are businesspeople who take some time out of their schedules to help teach others what they learned from their own experiences. Andrew Warner and his team have interviewed a lot of web influencers and their stories have made a lot of impact on me as an entrepreneur. You need to read those stories. They are very inspirational.

The Mixergy Mission is to:

# Introduce you to doers and thinkers whose ideas and stories are so powerful that just hearing them will change you

#Infect you with a passion for business and then help you build your business

#Encourage YOU to have a mission, not just a startup, not just a company, but a calling

#Act as a counter-weight to all the venture capitalists who’ll try to convince you that the only reason to build a business today is so you can flip it tomorrow. The world isn’t changed by people who have an eye on the exit.

#Convince you to follow a vision so big and important that you can’t do it alone.

Read About the Mixergy story here


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