Educators traveling to the Florida Educational Technology Conference 2011 in Orlando the first week of February will be exposed to the augmented reality technology— education’s first curriculumwill feature “augmented reality” (AR). Pioneered by Logical Choice Technologies.

Letters alive (TM) brings a kingdom of 26 “seemingly-alive” digital 3D animals into classrooms with the ultimate goal of teaching children to read at the kindergarten level.

The product consists of a set of 124 virtual 3D cards, software, curriculum guide, and student activity sheets. The curriculum will be rolled out at an educational technology conference, FETC 2011, in Orlando, Florida on January 31 to February 3.

“The true 2-way interaction between the animals and students is mesmerizing to children,” said Cynthia Kaye, founder and CEO of Logical Choice Technologies.

“Add in the sounds and life-like motions of the animals and it’s just a whole lot of fun for the kids. Our phonics-based curriculum is effective because it reaches children on so many sensory and emotional levels.” he added.

“We tested the beta-version of Letters alive (TM) in one of our kindergarten classes,” said Janice Sinclair, Head of Education at the Branch Community School in Georgia.

“Our kids loved working together with the virtual 3D animals. The students kept asking for more. Suddenly, learning to read was so much fun. It was so engaging that our kids just didn’t want to stop.”


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