Google will be holding a press event next Wednesday, February 2, at its Mountain View headquarters to show off Android Honeycomb, the company’s tablet-optimized OS.

Google is also sharing the Android love with the rest of world; the event will be live streamed at

# Honeycomb, Android 3.0, is the first Google OS built specifically for the tablet form factor.
# Android 3.0’s (Honeycomb) has 3D capability and its new look has larger, revamped icons
# It features a revamped interface, faster plane switching, deeper multimedia integration
# Google is urging Android 3.0 tablet makers to market tablets as laptop replacements or powerful in-betweener devices
#Google is giving the browser a distinctively desktop look and feel with side-by-side browser tabs
# It has two-paned contact information windows that are easier to read on a 7- or 10-inch screen.

Whats New

# New System Bar at the bottom of the screen has navigation controls. It’s pervasive across all screens, but has a dimmer to become less obtrusive.
# Application controls appear in a bar whenever an app is running. Should largely replace the context menu for accessing a program’s options and controls.
# Zoomed-out overview of all five screens for easier selection (we’ve seen something similar in HTC’s Sense skin for Android phones).
# After selecting text, elect to cut, copy, paste the text from the action bar.
# Universal search bar on each of the five home screens.