SONGPIER (still in private beta) is a Content & Media Management System for musicians to build, manage and distribute their universal mobile WebApp around each song, running on Smartphones and Web-Tablets out of the box.

SONGPIER is an effective way for artists to promote & share music, photos, news, tour dates, merchandise and other content with fans on their mobile devices. SONGPIER help musicians interact with fans in order to convert casual music fans into loyal fans, and loyal fans into paying customers.

To create one of these song apps with Songpier:

#An artist or anyone else with permission to distribute a song uploads it into Songpier’s system.
#Then, they surround the song with ancillary data: artist biography, discography, merchandise section, news, images, tourdates, buy links, links etc.
#Finally, Songpier helps the app authors distribute their “app song” via Facebook,, MySpace and Twitter.


#It lets bands know who is listening
#Artists, labels and promoters can use this technique to send out a track for free, counting on resulting album, ticket, and merchandise sales to bring in revenue
#Users can bookmark shortcuts to HTML5 web apps as icons on their smartphones

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