Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a charity that raises funds for 170 children’s hospitals, is the beneficiary of a new hospital-themed social game that launched today: Hospitopia.

Hospitopia, the freshman game created and launched by CausePlay, allows the end user to create and operate their own virtual hospital while generating real funds to help children across the country.

CausePlay will donate 10% of all game revenue to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Users have the option to specify which Children’s Miracle Network Hospital they’d like to see benefit from their game play, earning that hospital special prizes and incentives while raising money across the network.

Hospitopia will incorporate unique gaming features like a “video earning metrics platform,” which enables social gamers to view video content and earn game points.

The platform allows organizations or advertisers to layer PSAs, movie trailers or promotions within game play, and the users earn game points while viewing the content. Hospitopia launched allowing users to earn special points by viewing the imbedded Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals PSAs.

In a statement issued on the company’s facebook page on January 26th , the App is scheduled to launch on February 3rd.

” Helping Kids With Every Click – We are just 8 days away from the launch of Hospitopia and we are getting really excited here at the CausePlay offices. We set out to create a game in the social space that was different, that did a little more for you, our players, and our cha…ritable partner Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.