Started in 2010, Thoughtful is a Seattle-based startup co-founded by tech industry veterans Chris Lynch, Jamey Baumgardt and Tim Low.

Thoughtful combines unique gift recommendations from local merchants with the ability to create profiles of the important people in your life and keep track of significant events for each, such as birthdays, anniversaries and more.

The service offers a carefully curated set of gifts from local merchants and includes everything from an afternoon at the spa or a day of whitewater rafting to specialty cars.

Offers could include anything from kayaking trips for the outdoorsy to dinner for two for a wine-lover, or a cooking class for someone who’d rather eat at home.

Thoughtful’s Co-Founders Chris Lynch and Tim Low say it’s a social quandary they toy with a lot.

“Its buying for me vs. buying for someone else. We are focused on premium gifts and experiences that you are buying for someone else,” Lynch said.