ShopSavvy is a personal shopping companion for smartphone users. The application enables consumers to scan the UPC, EAN or QR barcodes of products they want to buy and do immediate, in-store price comparisons with local and online retailers.

ShopSavvy 4 for iPhone, the new version of the app released in November, has been named one of the 50 Best iPhone Apps for 2011 by Time Magazine as well as winning the 2010 Best App Ever Award for Best Use of iOS Hardware during last week’s Macworld Expo.

Features of ShopSavvy 4

# ShopSavvy 4 offers a Twitter-like stream of special deals and short-term promotions aggregated from sources across the Web.
# Share the products you scan and the prices
# Use ShopSavvy 4 to add the product you do not find on their list
# Export your lists and scan history using iTunes File Sharing or Dropbox to a CSV file
# Scan barcodes in all orientations.
# QuickPay. QuickPay enables ShopSavvy users to purchase the products they scan
# ShopSavvy 4 lets you know if the store where you’re scanning will match the lowest price. ShopSavvy 4 also tells you if products are in stock at nearby stores.

Available on the Android market

Available on the Appstore


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