San Francisco based is looking to make you re-think the way you find answers to questions online.

Their mission is to catalogue the largely untapped space of opinions and experiences. ithinksotoo seeks to catalogue answers to questions “Are you happy with the life that you are living?”, “Have you ever gone on a blind date?” or “Do you buy organic food?”.

From comic books, to music, lifestyle, cars and movies – anything goes. In fact, questions can be entered by anyone (as long as they are registered users). The only catch is that all questions need to written in a way that they can be answered with either a “Yes” or a “No”.

While search engines like Google and online encyclopedias like Wikipedia are great at providing answers to questions with, relatively, easy and clear-cut answers – ithinksotoo is aiming to come as close as possible to answering the rest.

They run unscientific polls around questions. You can ask questions, answer them, interact with users and put as much or as little into the site as you like.

The site was officially launched January 24th, 2011 and has so far registered over 125,000 answers and registered users have added around 1,000 questions.